9 casual Perks of Niftyartstudio


All contracts are registered within blockchain and are 100% safe. Niftyartstudio guarantees the security for all users.

Only real art

All users are subject to quality check, which benefits all buyers seeking artwork verification before purchase.


ArtWorks that are published for the first time on our platform are guaranteed to be unique and are proved to be provided by their author and would generate sales.


All users of the platform conduct payments through the internal wallet which can be topped up using other crypto wallets and all available conversion platforms as we encourage diversity into other forms off cryptocurrencies as well.


The buyers and artists don’t have to provide his/her personal data and has the right to stay anonymous when performing purchases (although our artists are advised to have an open identity as to make it easy for people to locate them and their works).

Unique options for Investments

Our platform provides investors with instruments for necessary analysis based on artificial intelligence and reviews from blockchain and art consultants. Previous sale value cannot be viewed on item although you could make inquiries if you are in need of specific tools for analysis.

Community Development| Collaborations

In the means to promote young and promising artists as well as new artists in the NFT space we give them an international stage to put their showcase their works on the platform and with our open collaborations each artists stands a chance of being showcased on our Niftyartstudio featured list depending on our art curators.


Niftyartstudio encorporates a referral program where each user regardless of membership status is unique and has the opportunity to earn tokens from referrals in our membership referral utility program.


Niftyartstudio brings together the concept of a traditional marketplace and a virtual gallery which would be open to all our users soon, Regardless Niftyartstudio has input a membership ranks ranging from;


How do I become a member?

The platform with the aim to create membership utility we have introduce a private but open space where you can only gain access through one of our users auto generated referral link, To participate find one of our users membership referral link and register to create an account. After that, an internal platform ethereum wallet will be automatically generated (along with a 12 word seed phrase for your account please do not share with anyone because this is the only means to access your account incase you loose your password), with this internal wallet you can deposit and withdraw funds in and out to other crypto wallets or exchange platforms. After opening your personal account it is possible to connect to your MetaMask, Trust or any other wallet from any chain as we have an ethereum based NFT minting service but enable listing and sales on other chains on the blockchain network. When you have gained access you have a chance to own a verified Niftyartstudio account if approved, however you have the right to maintain complete anonymity.

How do I create an NFT?

Due to the fact that we hope to maintain the idea that creativity and art in general is open to everyone we have made minting open for every member although verification of work ownership would be required, Creation of NFTs is currently accessible with the aim to make Niftyartstudio an easy to use platform, just choose to mint and fill in the forms to the specifications on how you want to mint your NFTs once NFTs are minted there’s no longer a need to list as each works are automatically listed on our explore.

How do I Deposit/withdraw?

All deposits and withdrawal functions are done with 3rd party exchange service or crypto wallet we advise use of Moon pay or Gemini to buy your cryptocoins.

What type of Community are we?

With the aim to build a decentralized community, we have given each user ranks depending on what value they portray to the community and their activity on Niftyartstudio, These ranks don’t differentiate any user from each other as we all are Niftyartstudio elite although the ranks give you access to tokens and shows how much activity you have in the community (note: each user cannot use pass a 1 vote per poll as to have fair polls in our community) after a general request has been made by the community a poll would be raised where each vote could be bought with tokens won from referrals, exchange rates would be put up at Niftyartstudio hub as well for everyone to see. Being a marketplace with membership utility we have allowed each user to be able to generate a referral address which new users could use to come into the community, these referrals give you tokens as rewards every 3weeks each token would be changed in regards to the Token community we partner with, These tokens could be used for votes and only minting and can be withdrawn through 3rd party exchange approved by Token community as well.